Bryan Berghoef


Bryan Berghoef is a pastor, writer, and pub theologian, and author of the book, Pub Theology: Beer, Conversation, and God. He insists that good things happen when we sit around the table together and talk about things that matter, and what better setting than at the pub, over a pint? Bryan has been facilitating weekly pub conversations for the past nine years.

Bryan also works for Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation—a nonprofit based in Washington DC, a leading center for training spiritual directors, clergy and retreat leaders in contemplative Christian leadership and practice. Bryan provides support for contemplative online learning courses, manages Shalem’s social media presence, and does some writing for Shalem as well.

Bryan and his wife, Christy, live with their four kids in Holland, MI. They have also led communities in Washington, DC and Traverse City, MI. They both sense that community is at its best where all feel welcome, where love of neighbor is extended and received, and simplicity and depth are at the core.